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Unknown Songs? Discover the Apps That Decep Music For You


Who hasn’t gone crazy trying to figure out the name of that addictive song that played on the radio or in the corner café?


Well, guess what: we have the solution to your musical problems!

We’ve put together an incredible list of the best apps that will help you unravel the sonic mystery in a matter of seconds. Just push a button, wait a few moments and you’ll know the name of the song, the artist and even the lyrics to sing along!

Discover new hits, find those songs that made you dance like crazy and share your discoveries with friends.


After all, life is so much better with the right soundtrack, isn’t it?


Shazam is a widely known and popular app for discovering music.

Just open the app, tap the ID button and let Shazam listen to a few seconds of the music. In a few seconds, the app will display detailed information such as the name of the song, the artist, the album and even the lyrics of the song.

In addition, Shazam also offers additional features such as the ability to play tracks identified directly in the app, create custom playlists, follow artists, and see what other people are discovering around the world.

Shazam is available for free for IOS, Android, and Desktop devices.

Access: Android ; IOS ; Website


SoundHound is an app that allows users to identify songs simply by listening to a snippet or humming the melody. In addition to identifying songs, it also provides detailed information about artists, albums, and song lyrics.

An interesting feature of SoundHound is its ability to identify music even when there is background noise, such as conversations or environmental noises.

The app also offers additional features such as playback of full songs, creation of custom playlists, and integration with popular music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

In addition, SoundHound allows users to explore music trends, discover new artists, and keep track of the top tracks and artists of the moment.

Access: Android ; IOS ; Website


Musixmatch is an app that stands out for providing song lyrics in real time. With Musixmatch, users can identify songs, display the lyrics while the song is playing, and even sing along in karaoke.

The app has a vast library of lyrics, including songs from different genres and languages. It automatically synchronizes the lyrics with the playing song, allowing users to follow the lyrics word for word.

In addition, Musixmatch offers lyrics translation features for different languages, so that users can understand the songs in different languages.

The app also allows users to search for specific song lyrics, discover new songs based on their favorite lyrics or artists, and create custom playlists.

Access: Android ; IOS ; Website


Deezer is a music streaming service that offers a wide selection of tracks for users to listen to and discover. In addition to its streaming features, Deezer also has a song identification option.

The option to identify songs in Deezer is called “Deezer SongCatcher”. With this functionality, users can identify songs that are playing in the environment around them, similar to Shazam and SoundHound.

In addition Just tap the microphone icon inside the Deezer app and let it listen to a few seconds of the music. Deezer will then try to identify the song and provide detailed information such as the song name, artist, and album.

After identifying a song using Deezer SongCatcher, users have the option to play it immediately, add it to their library, or create a playlist with it.

Access: Android ; IOS ; Website